Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung, the Place of the Long Rapids, is a place of outstanding beauty and spirituality. Designated as a site of national historic significance in 1970, it’s importance has been acknowledged for generations by both the native peoples of the region, and non-natives alike, who have lived, traveled and admired the majestic Rainy River.

For thousands of years, aboriginal people have lived and gathered on the banks of the Rainy River at Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung. Here, traces of Ojibway villages are found among the burial mounds and village sites of more ancient aboriginal peoples.

Also known as Manitou Mounds, this place was at the centre of a continent-wide aboriginal trading network. Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung is sacred to the Ojibway and to other first peoples of North America, thus marking an enduring spirituality.

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